The Top Clean Energy Headlines Round Up for 2021

The clean energy headlines from December 2021 including 350 W solar panels designed to mimic roof shingles, an Arkansas school using solar to raise teacher salaries, and “untapped” potential in climate investments.

Podcast 071: Tim Montague – How is good old fashioned midwestern grit helping shape a clean energy future in Illinois?

Midwest solar and storage leader and Clean Power Hour podcast host, Tim Montague, shares with host Bill Nussey how clashing titans in Illinois crafted a grand legislative bargain taking big steps toward a clean renewable energy future. Plus, Montague shares insights on how the simple economics of solar power and storage is changing minds in both boardrooms and around kitchen tables across the state.

Podcast 070: Andy Klump – What do stuck boats, melted rocks, and geopolitics have to do with US efforts to transition away from fossil fuels?

In this episode host Bill Nussey talks with Andy Klump, founder and CEO of Shanghai-based Clean Energy Associates, the leading global solar and storage supply chain management and engineering services firm. Klump walks us through how and why the economics of solar are shifting in the short term and the role an energy crisis in China as well as backlogs in global shipping are having on US solar and battery projects.

October 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

An overview of October’s clean energy news including exciting new BIPV solar tiles, money flowing into local energy and flowing out fossil fuels, and the struggles with carbon capture.