A TED talk on accelerating the shift to clean energy

Electricity powers nearly every aspect of our modern, convenient lives. It’s so pervasive and easy that most of us take it for granted. But just behind the common electric outlet lies a system that is expensive, insecure, and, worst of all, dangerously dirty – the grid. For example, clean energy from the sun and wind… Read More

The section 201 trade case, Donald Trump and the $25 billion solar cliffhanger

The solar industry has been on a tear the last few years. In 2016, solar represented 39% of all newly installed power generation in the US, more than coal, natural gas or nuclear. Solar is creating jobs, too. From 93,000 jobs in 2004, solar has grown to over 260,000 jobs in 2016. Much of this… Read More

What is the secret behind China’s low cost solar panels?

Chinese companies lead the world in low-priced solar. The flood of inexpensive Chinese panels has accelerated the installation of solar projects across the world but the low prices have also driven several U.S. and European solar manufacturers out of business. The incredible success of Chinese solar has raised big questions across the spectrum of business,… Read More