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Bill Nussey is a frequent speaker at industry events, corporate boardrooms, and university lecture halls.


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How electric vehicles will transform the grid, part 1

Electric vehicles (EVs) will transform transportation, and along the way, they will also transform the electric grid, in both positive and disruptive ways. I share some take-aways from a panel on EVs I recently led at the Center for Distributed Energy.

The top TED talks on clean energy

Over my 20 years attending TED, there have been a handful of mind-blowing talks on clean, renewable energy. A few of the talks were so powerful, they became catalysts on my own journey into this amazing new industry.

Keynote presentation at the Southern Solar Summit

I recently had the honor to keynote the 10th annual Southern Solar Summit. My presentation focused on two points. First, solar and battery will become the largest source of electricity sooner than people think. Second, Georgia is in a unique position to help lead the clean energy transformation.

Why Write a Book?

It started with a late-night call My friend Mike texted me and said he needed to talk to me ASAP. Mike is an entrepreneur. He

Why Clean Energy?

  A friend recently asked, “You are a successful marketing tech CEO – why in the world are you getting into clean energy?” My answer