PV Magazine Editor, Tim Sylvia, travels to Georgia to meet Bill Nussey and write about Bill’s journey into clean energy

Serial tech CEO, TED speaker, author, podcast host, and founder of the Freeing Energy Project, Bill Nussey spends a day with PV Magazine Editor, Tim Sylvia, at Bill’s second home in the North Georgia town of Hartwell to take in the wonderful rural setting, drink a few beers, and record some discussions about the exciting journey ahead in clean energy. Read the full article here.

Here are a few highlights from the article:

‘In many ways, Hartwell presents the classic aesthetic of the American South: rolling fields dotted with quaint ranch houses and farmsteads giving way to forests of tall pines, seemingly standing in formation, and series of creeks, brooks, and ponds, all of which attract the town’s non-human residents, namely great blue heron and whitetail deer.

That is, until you pass down another unassuming country road, down which one of the area’s dime-a-dozen big, red barns is flanked by something more familiar to clean energy veterans: a 20kW ground-mounted solar system.’

‘One of the core tenets of Freeing Energy is understanding that, unlike coal or natural gas, solar energy is a technology, not a fuel, meaning that it is more subject to rapid innovations and improvements, as well as dramatic cost reductions as production volume increases – also known as Wright’s Law, which open up supply chains and lower overall costs.’

‘“AT&T fought to maintain a monopoly on long distance phone calls, and they lost,” explained Nussey, referencing the landmark 1982 decision in United States v. AT&T. “The inevitability was that there were better solutions available. AT&T recognized them, but they couldn’t adopt them nearly as fast and didn’t want to anyway. Thankfully, the courts and the government won, because there’d be no internet if AT&T held their monopoly; there would be no mobile phones. These innovations were not always inevitable, they came to be because that market became deregulated and innovators could enter the market.”’

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