Podcast 063: Bill Nussey – The vision behind Freeing Energy and lessons learned from three clean energy entrepreneurs.

Bill Nussey shares why the local energy approach will reshape the transition to clean renewable electricity and shares lessons learned from some of the new breed of clean tech entrepreneurs interviewed in the past year. Read More

Podcast 062: Loren McDonald – Could the new Ford electric pickup truck disrupt the century-old electric grid?

Loren and Bill take a drive through the unexpected twists and turns that EVs will face in reshaping our electric grid. With hundreds of billions being invested, the implications of electric vehicles goes so much further than cleaner transportation. Read More

Podcast 061: Garrett Nilsen – The Department of Energy may be the best way to fund energy tech startups that no one knows about

Bill Nussey interviews Garrett Nilsen, Deputy Director of the Solar Industry Technologies Office in the US Department of Energy about the amazing scope and scale of DOE work across the energy landscape. Read More

Podcast 060: Jemma Green – Will peer-to-peer electricity trading unlock local energy and transform the grid?

Bill Nussey interviews Dr. Jemma Green, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Australian-based Power Ledger which is pioneering the technology and policy behind peer-to-peer electricity trading. Read More

Presentation: The coming age of self-powered buildings

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a virtual conference on the built environment called, Shadow Summit. It was an interesting event that focused on the convergence of entrepreneurism, digital technologies, and buildings, homes, and infrastructure. (if you are visiting this page directly from attending the summit, you can scroll to the bottom to… Read More