The definitive list of cleantech & climate tech investors

The Freeing Energy team is helping crowdsource the definitive list of cleantech investment firms.
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We are looking at investment firms through three successively narrow filters:


Organizations that look at the broad spectrum of sustainability and green programs. This includes agriculture, recycling, building technologies, waste management, as well as energy.


This is a narrower filter of organizations focused on energy: fuels and electricity. This includes green hydrogen, energy, efficiency, biodiesel and, of course, electricity.


The term is not widely used but it is an apt description of the area Freeing Energy focuses on: electricity. This includes solar, wind, geothermal, storage, batteries, power electronics, and electric distribution

This guide emphasizes power tech firms & applies star rankings to the most focused firms.

Check out our deep dive on the taxonomy underlying cleantech investments and investors at A blueprint for cleantech investing









Venture capital

Private equity

Project finance

Very early stage

Early stage

Mid stage


Longer-term, debt and tax equity focused firms looking to build and/or own projects, rather than technologies

1. Incubators

Very early stage

2. Accelerators

Early stage

3. Venture capital

Mid stage

4. Private equity


5. Project finance

Longer-term, debt and tax equity focused firms looking to build and/or own projects, rather than technologies



cleantech & climate tech 

If you have any firms you believe should be included in this list or you want to update an existing firm’s information, please share it in the comments section at the bottom.

FirmStage/TypeFocusEnergy Tech FocusURLRegionFund size:Energy Tech DealsDescCrunchbase link
1955 CapitalVenture CapitalSustainability✮✩✩✩✩ Francisco$200M11955 Capital will invest in advanced technologies from the Americas and Europe to solve pressing problems in developing countries.
3x5 PartnersLate stage VCCleantech✮✮✩✩✩ US$70M3x5 Special Opportunity Fund specializes in later-stage companies within the healthcare and clean-tech sectors
Activate Capital PartnersVenture CapitalDigital Industrial✮✮✮✩✩ FranciscoNA2The world is undergoing transformational changes which are placing unprecedented stress on the cities and infrastructure we share. Scarce resources, urban density and fundamental shifts in how energy is generated and consumed are creating new economic and social challenges for the global community – and for individual communities across the globe. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of the mega-trends shaping the future of industrial economies and follows by identifying the technologies most likely to provide the solutions. With a specific focus on energy, mobility and industrial systems we provide growth equity to companies with proven technologies at a commercial inflection point. We back entrepreneurs who share our vision of building businesses of scale and impact.
AltEnergyInvestor / OperatorCleantech✮✮✮✮✮https://altenergyllc.comNY and CT2AltEnergy was founded to play an active role in the emergence and growth of the alternative energy industry.
Alumni VenturesVenture CapitalAgnostic✮✮✮✩✩CT20Alumni Ventures has one of the largest and most rapidly growing venture portfolios in the world. Our portfolio is fueled by our network: a community of experts, innovators, and investors who come together to build great companies.
AmasiaVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✮✩✩https://www.amasia.vcBurlingame, CA$333MOur thesis is centered around behavior change as a means to fight the climate crisis and drive global sustainability. We believe behavior change at scale is the only way we will get our planet to safety.
Amazon's Cleantech FundVenture CapitalClimatetech✮✮✮✮✩$2B
Amazon's AWS Energy AcceleratorIncubatorEnergy✮✮✮✮✮We designed the Clean Energy Accelerator for mature startups looking to drive technical and commercial milestones by leveraging cutting-edge technologies from Amazon Web Services (AWS) in support of developing clean energy solutions.
Arbor View CapitalLate stage VCSustainability✮✮✩✩✩ focused
ArcTern VenturesVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✮✮✮Ontario5Founded in 2012, ArcTern Ventures is a venture capital fund that provides early-stage capital to cleantech companies.
ArcTern VenturesVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✮✮✩ Ventures (formerly the MaRS Cleantech Fund) is a privately-backed venture capital fund that provides early-stage capital to companies developing breakthrough ideas in the cleantech sector. The Fund has developed a unique early-stage investment model through its partnership with MaRS, one of the largest innovation centres in world.
ARENA InvestmentsDebtClean energy projects✮✮✮✮✩, DCARENA Investments LLC is an investment manager that focuses on making collateralized loans to clean energy small businesses
At One VenturesVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✮✩✩https://www.atoneventures.com6At One Ventures finds, funds, and grows teams to catalyze a world where humanity is a net positive to nature. We back early-stage (Seed, Series A) companies that are using disruptive deep tech to upend the unit economics of established industries while dramatically reducing their planetary footprint. We also look for companies that are pioneering new industries that are actively regenerative to planetary health. Lastly, we look for companies that have significant potential to be healthy, scalable businesses, because the positive impacts we invest in only last as long as the businesses that carry them.
Baruch Future VenturesVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✮✩✩https://www.baruch.vcSan Francisco, CA16BFV works with entrepreneurs to shorten the time and reduce the cost to commercialization of resource technology innovations.
BCI Technology InvestmentsAcceleratorCleantech✮✮✮✩✩ Technology Investments is a premier commercialization accelerator providing strategic working capital, value added engineering, and supply chain resources.
Blockchain Founders FundVenture CapitalBlockchain & FinTechhttps://blockchainff.comSingapore42Blockchain Founders Fund is a seed and early-stage investment fund. It focuses on adding value to emerging technology & blockchain projects with real-world applications. It invests in and ventures build top-tier startups. The firm consults blockchain companies and prominent organizations on emerging technologies. It supports seasoned andfirst-time entrepreneurs across the key business functions with a hands-on intensive go-to-market venture program.
Blue Bear CapitalVenture CapitalEnergy✮✮✮✮✮ AngelesBlue Bear Capital invests in high-growth technology companies across the energy, infrastructure, and climate industries.
Braemer Energy VenturesVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✮✮✮ USBraemar Energy Ventures is a VC firm that focuses exclusively on technology and communications opportunities in the energy sector.
Breakthrough Energy VenturesVenture CapitalClean energy tech✮✮✮✮✮ US$2BBreakthrough Energy Ventures is an investor-led fund focused on building the new, cutting-edge companies that will deliver on that promise. Our strategy links government-funded research to patient, risk-tolerant capital so that more transformative clean energy innovations get to market faster. The fund is famously founded by Bill Gates.
Capital EEarly stage VCCleantech✮✮✮✩✩, DCAccelerating the transition to a low carbon economy.
Capricorn Technology Impact FundVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✮✮✩Palo Alto, CATechnology Impact Fund is a venture capital partnership which invests in companies that develop novel materials, devices, systems and business models – from Silicon Valley chipsets to emerging world micro-grids – to propel the new crop of sustainable companies and renewable infrastructure.
Center ElectricVenture CapitalIoT✮✮✩✩✩ FranciscoCenter Electric believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the most revolutionary expansion of computing since the dawn of the personal computer. The Things themselves are a bellwether of the Internet's Third Wave.
Chevron Future Energy FundSustainability$100M10Sustainability Technology Fund
Chrysalix Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIndustrial Innovation✮✮✮✩✩$25Mearly-stage industrial innovation venture capital firm
Clean Energy TrustIncubatorClean Energy Tech✮✮✮✮✩, Midwest33Clean Energy Trust supports early-stage startups working on solutions for clean energy, decarbonization, and environmental sustainability.
Clean Energy Venture GroupEarly Stage VCClean Energy Tech✮✮✮✮✮$109M17Clean Energy Venture Group is an investment group with offices in Boston and New York which provides seed capital and management expertise to early stage clean energy companies.
Clean Energy VenturesVenture CapitalClean Energy Tech✮✮✮✩✩$110M11The Principals of Clean Energy Ventures have been investing in, supporting and mentoring early stage clean energy startups together since 2005.
CleanTech OpenIncubatorCleantech✮✮✮✮✮ Cleantech Open is a non-profit organization that runs an accelerator for cleantech startups.
ClearSkyVenture CapitalEnergytech✮✮✩✩✩http://clear-sky.comFloridaClearSky Power & Technology funds invest in innovative companies providing technology and services to enterprise customers, with a special focus on the power sector.
Congruent VenturesVenture CapitalSustainability VC✮✩✩✩✩$90Creating the companies that will positively impact how we move, create, eat, and live
ConsensysIncubatorEthereum✮✩✩✩✩ develops enterprise applications, invests in startups, builds developer tools, and offers blockchain education.
Constellation Technology VenturesVenture CapitalEnergy Tech✮✮✮✩✩BaltimoreConstellation Technology Ventures (CTV) is the venture investing organization within Exelon Corporation, the nation’s leading competitive energy provider.
CREO SyndicateVC AdvisorCleantech✮✮✮✮✩ CREO Syndicate (“CREO”) is a 501c3 public charity founded by wealth owners and family offices with a mission to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time affecting communities across the globe – climate change and resource scarcity
Cyclotron RoadIncubatorHard Science✮✮✩✩✩ Road supports leading entrepreneurial scientists as they advance technology projects with the potential for global impact.
DCVCVenture CapitalDeep tech✮✩✩✩✩ Brilliant Deep Tech Teams Solving the World’s Hardest Problems
Deep Science VenturesVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✩✩✩https://deepscienceventures.comLondonDSV is a venture studio and a fund that develops a systematic, optimized approach to science company development and investment.
DeltaClimeVTAcceleratorCleantech✮✮✮✮✮https://deltaclimevt.comMontpelier, VTIn addition to offering the DeltaClimeVT business accelerator to startup and seed stage entrepreneurs, VSJF provides business assistance, value chain facilitation, network development, and strategic planning to a wide range of stakeholders in the agriculture and food system, forest product, waste management, renewable energy, and environmental technology sectors. Located in Montpelier, Vermont, VSJF was created by the Vermont Legislature in 1995 to partner with state government, private sector businesses, and nonprofits to build a thriving economic, social, and ecological future for Vermont.
E8 AngelsVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✮✮✮https://www.e8angels.comSeattleE8 offers seasoned and new investors the early stage deals, learning and network you need to build an innovative portfolio that matches your particular interests and goals.
EEnotechIncubatorNanotech and energy✮✮✮✩✩https://eenovatetech.comCaliforniaEEnotech is a materials focused incubator and accelerator founded in 2017, aimed at developing and fostering environmental and energy-related technology and products. Originally based off of multiple groundbreaking and cutting-edge Stanford patents, EEnotech is currently developing nanotechnology for water purification, grid-scale energy storage, as well as smart wearable textiles. We have leading Ph.D. scientists who are experts in their respective fields actively working on solving the scientific and engineering barriers between academic publications and commercialization. We are eager to expand and develop promising materials driven technology into functional, novel, or innovative solutions which can solve some of society’s most pressing issues.
Ecosystem Integrity FundVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✮✮✩ FranciscoThe Ecosystem Integrity Fund (“EIF”) is an early growth stage investor in companies contributing to environmental sustainability.
Element PartnersGrowth EquitySustainability Tech✮✮✩✩✩ Partners is the leading growth equity fund dedicated to investments in sustainability technology & innovation in large industrial markets including energy, water, transportation, manufacturing, food, and agriculture.
Emerald VenturesVenture CapitalIndustrial Innovation✮✮✮✮✩https://www.emerald-ventures.comSwitzerlandGlobally recognized as a pioneer and leader in industrial technology investments, since 2000 Emerald has backed more than 60 outstanding entrepreneurs, partnered with dozens of multinational corporations on open innovation and advised investment mandates and funds for investors and governments alike.
Energy Access VenturesVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✮✮✩, France €75MEAV is an Africa-focused investor that backs companies decentralizing and digitizing key services.
Energize VenturesVenture CapitalEnergy & Industry✮✩✩✩✩ Ventures seeks investments in early and growth-stage technology companies.
Energy FoundryVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✮✮✮ChicagoWe invest early stage venture capital in energy start-ups with transformational technologies, an eye towards growth, and ridiculously talented teams.
Energy Impact PartnersGrowth CapitalIndustrial Innovation✮✮✮✮✮NYC & San Francisco$650MWe invest in companies shaping the energy landscape of the future
Energy Innovation CapitalGrowth EquityAll energy✮✮✩✩✩ Innovation Capital invests in venture and growth-stage companies that target large oil, gas or energy markets.
Enertech CapitalVenture CapitalEnergy Tech✮✮✩✩✩$500MWe work hand-in-hand with pioneers and innovators who dare to change the world.
Equinor VenturesCorporate Venture FundEnergy✮✮✮✩✩Equinor Ventures is Equinor’s corporate venture fund dedicated to investing in attractive and ambitious early phase and growth companies.
FactorEVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✩✩✩ are a team of impact venture builders dedicated to supporting the people and ideas that turn challenges in energy, agriculture, mobility, and waste into de-carbonized solutions for emerging and frontier markets.
Fifth WallVenture CapitalClimatetech✮✮✮✮✮, CAFifth Wall has built a revolutionary platform that services the increasingly complex needs of industries on the verge of massive change through technological innovation. We connect the world’s largest and most influential owners, developers, and operators of the Built World with the entrepreneurs redefining how the world interacts with its physical environment.
Firelake Capital (shutdown)Venture CapitalCleantech✮✩✩✩✩San FranciscoFirelake Capital Management is a fund with a hybrid portfolio of private and public investments in information technology, energy
Foundation CapitalVenture CapitalInnovation✮✮✩✩✩ CoastVenture Capital
FreeElectronsIncubatorPower tech✮✮✮✮✮ startups with the world’s leading energy utilities
FutureShapeVenture CapitalDeep Tech✮✮✮✩✩ Shape is an investment and advisory firm that works with engineers and scientists developing foundational deep technology.
Future Energy VenturesVenture CapitalEnergy Tech✮✮✮✮✮ Energy Ventures is a unique venture capital platform that brings together corporate partners and world-class start-ups to shape the future energy landscape. We are the venture capital investment and collaboration platform of E.ON, one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and energy-related infrastructure and a provider of innovative customer solutions for about 50 million customers.
G2VPVenture CapitalSustainability VC✮✮✮✩✩ Francisco16G2VP invests in emerging technology companies that digitize traditional industries and drive market transformations.
Generate CaptialGrowth EquitySustainability✮✮✮✮✩ Francisco$960MGenerate Capital builds, owns, and operates sustainable infrastructure to deliver affordable and reliable resource solutions.
Green Chamber of the SouthIncubatorSustainability✮✮✩✩✩ help Southern sustainability work. We believe that sustainability is an answer for better business that leads to a better world.
Greentown LabsIncubatorClimatetech✮✮✮✮✩, HoustonNANAGreentown Labs, the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, brings together startups, corporates, investors, policymakers, and many others with a focus on scaling climate solutions. Driven by the mission of providing startups the resources, knowledge, connections, and equipment they need to thrive, Greentown Labs offers lab space, shared office space, a machine shop, an electronics lab, software and business resources, and a large network of corporate customers, investors, and more. With its headquarters in Somerville, Mass. and a recently opened incubator in Houston, TX, Greentown Labs is home to more than 180 startups and has supported more than 400 startups since the incubator’s founding in 2011. These startups have collectively created more than 7,800 direct jobs and have raised more than $1.2 billion in funding. [Submitted by Greentown 8-2021]
Haliburton LabsIncubatorClean Energy✮✮✮✮✩ our one-of-a-kind “industrial wrapper” accelerator that is customized to fit your stage of the entrepreneurial journey.
HG Ventures Venture Capital https://hgventures.comIndiannapolis16HG Ventures invests in early stage and growth stage companies developing advanced materials and systems for transportation infrastructure, environmental services and specialty chemicals.
Huck CaptialInvestor Clean Energy✮✮✩✩✩ Capital is an impact fund started in late 2019 delivering market returns through investments in a new generation of clean, customer facing energy companies that sustainably power the world’s energy needs.
InciteVenture Capital✮✩✩✩✩https://www.incite.org5We’re all about snowballs. We look for business ideas with the potential to take off, gain momentum and roll on to change the world for the better. We look for models that are profitable and can scale and inspire others. We invest in those opportunities where we can be that difference.
Invenergy Future FundVenture Capital✮✮✮✮✩$523M4Invenergy is a leading privately held, global developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions.
Khosla VenturesVenture CapitalMultiple✮✮✮✮✩ Park, CAKhosla Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on environmentally friendly tech, internet, computing, mobile, and silicon tech.
Lime Rock New EnergyVenture CapitalGrowth Stage & Energy✮✮✮✮✮$375M3Lime Rock New Energy partners with entrepreneurs and management teams to bring private equity capital and value-adding partnership to growing companies across the new energy economy.
Lowercarbon CapitalVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✮✩✩$800MLowercarbon Capital backs kickass companies that make real money slashing CO2 emissions, sucking carbon out of the sky, and buying us time to unf**k the planet.
Lux CapitalVenture CapitalHard Science✮✮✩✩✩ Park, CA$2.4BLux Capital invests in emerging science and technology ventures at the outermost edges of what is possible.
National GridVenture CapitalEnergy tech✮✮✮✩✩ Francisco4National Grid facilitates electricity and gas transmission system and focuses on delivering clean energy.
NGP CapitalVenture CapitalIoT & Mobile Techhttps://www.ngpcap.comPalo Alto$1B156With more than $1Billion under management, NGP specializes in growth-stage investing seeking entrepreneurs building intelligent devices and services connecting everybody and everything. NGP offers market insight, support, a deep network, and a global reach spanning the United States, Europe, India, and China. NGP is uniquely structured as an independent fund manager sponsored by Nokia, allowing for independent investment decisions and offering strategic opportunities both for Nokia and the companies in which they invest.
Nth PowerVenture CapitalEnergy tech✮✮✮✮✩ FranciscoNth Power is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco and is the first and most experienced venture capital firm.
Obvious VenturesVenture CapitalMultiple✮✮✩✩✩ FranciscoObvious Ventures brings experience, capital, and focus to startups combining profit and purpose for a better world.
Pangea VenturesVenture CapitalMaterials✮✮✩✩✩ Ventures invests in early- and growth-stage companies with advanced materials innovation.
Pegasus Capital AdvisorsInvestment BankClean Energy✮✩✩✩✩ England$900MClean energy investment bank
PivaVenture CapitalEnergy and Infrastructure✮✩✩✩✩http://www.piva.vcSan Francisco$250MPiva operates as an independent VC firm with a dedicated team that makes big bets and has the perseverance to turn big ideas into reality. We look for cross-industry technological solutions with substantial deployment value and scalable market potential, managed by driven executive teams with high entrepreneurial drive. Piva is a VC firm on a mission to back visionary founders and emerging technology companies bringing new software and hardware solutions to the world’s industrial and energy markets. Founded in 2019 and backed by one of the world’s largest energy firms, we invest in early to growth stage companies across the globe.
PowerHouseIncubator & SeedClean Energy✮✮✮✮✮https://powerhouse.fundSan Francisco$5.5MPowerhouse backs the latest in digital technology and business model innovation to advance the future of clean energy.
Prelude VenturesVenture CapitalClimate Tech✮✮✮✩✩ FranciscoPrelude invests in market moving startups addressing carbon reduction and resource optimization.
Renewal FundsEarly Stage VCSustainability✮✩✩✩✩, BC38Renewal Funds is a mission venture capital fund investing in early growth stage companies to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.
Renew Venture Captial
RiseVenture CapitalClean Energy Finance
Rockport CapitalVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✩✩✩$450MRockPort Capital is a multi-stage venture capital firm that invests in the areas of alternative energy, mobility, and sustainability.
Sanara VenturesVenture CapitalFinTech & Health Techhttps://www.sanaraventures.comIsrael4Sanara matchmakes the best players in the healthcare eco-system, adding value to each in the process. We actively introduce promising entrepreneurs with expert board members and seasoned investors to facilitate synergistic relationships and accelerate medical innovation delivery to the world. Established in 2015, we’ve accrued the most up to date experience and refined our processes to best serve entrepreneurs and investors alike.
Shell New EnergiesCorporate Venture FundEnergy & Innovation✮✮✩✩✩Shell is investing in more lower-carbon technology. This includes renewables such as wind and solar, new mobility options such as electric vehicle charging and hydrogen and an interconnected power business
SOSVVenture Capital Cleantech✮✮✩✩✩ JerseySOSV is a multi-stage venture capital investor.We run multiple world-class vertical startup development programs, and provide seed, venture and growth stage follow-on investment into superstar companies. Our unique full-stack model has delivered a net IRR over the last 20 years that puts us in the top 10% of all venture funds worldwide.
Spring Lane CapitalInvestorSustainability Projects Spring Lane Capital, we partner with strong management teams who are selling or using distributed assets with compelling customer economics in the energy, water, food and waste sectors
Stanley, Black an Decker VenturesVenture CapitalBatteries✮✮✮✮✩Venture Capital
Statkraft VenturesVenture CapitalEnergy✮✮✩✩✩ invest in outstanding entrepreneurs disrupting energy and related sectors
Surge VenturesIncubator✮✩✩✩✩
Sustain VCEarly Stage VCSustainability and Equality✮✮✮✮✩ is the manager of a series of early-stage impact investing venture capital funds that makes market-rate equity investments into early-stage companies creating meaningful social and/or environmental impact.
Techstars EnergyIncubatorEnergy✮✮✩✩✩NAThis program seeks innovative startups within four critical areas of the energy sector: oil and gas, new business models, digitization and renewables.
The EngineIncubatorTough Tech✮✮✩✩✩ Finance & Incubator
Third DerivativeAcceleratorClimate Tech✮✮✮✮✮https://third-derivative.orgColorado21 as of 6-2020Founded by RMI and New Energy Nexus, Third Derivative is a global climate technology startup accelerator with the mission of building an inclusive ecosystem that rapidly finds, funds, and scales climate tech innovation. Tackling the climate crisis is a once-in-a-generation, trillion-dollar economic opportunity, and the world needs an equitable and global climate innovation engine to identify and massively scale new climate technology solutions that will accelerate the clean energy transition — including innovations in harder-to-abate emissions sectors. We built Third Derivative to rise to this opportunity. Our vertically-integrated accelerator model unites investors, corporates, market and policy experts, and startups to work together from the start to increase the success and speed to market for climate innovation.
Third SphereVenture CapitalClimate Tech✮✮✮✩✩ YorkWe support founders who turn theory into action as they work to build a better world for everyone
Total Energy VenturesVenture CapitalClimate Tech✮✮✮✮✩ Carbon Neutrality Ventures is the venture capital arm of Total. As part of Total's commitment to a better energy future, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures is focused on finding, funding and fostering high-potential start-ups
True North VenturesVenture CapitalCleantech✮✩✩✩✩$700MWe invest in and build businesses that help the world transition to a clean and sustainable future.
Truffle CapitalVenture CapitalFinTech & BioMedTech€ 700M35Created in 2001, Truffle Capital differs from other management companies through a unique business model: the management company is systematically the main shareholder in its holdings, often in a majority position during the initial phase, and guides its companies to an advanced phase of their development.
Valor Equity CaptialVenture CaptialAll stages; multi-industry✮✮✮✩✩ pioneered the idea of operational growth. More than 20 years ago, we got our start tech-enabling industrial companies. We built the fastest connectors in the world — the backbone of the internet. As entrepreneurs, we built our own desks, and we still use them today.We applied that operational growth mindset to tech-enable warehouses, assembly lines, and restaurants. We helped production move faster. We helped people work smarter. We found efficiencies and fine-tuned processes. And we grew our companies dramatically.Today, we continue to invest in technology and technology-enabled companies that innovate and disrupt existing industries — from biosciences to transportation to food to health and wellness. We’ve had the honor of serving some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and companies.
VertueLabAcceleratorCleantech✮✮✮✩✩https://vertuelab.orgPortland, ORWe are a nonprofit fighting climate change by providing funding and holistic entrepreneurial support to climate tech startups. Through a decade of work, we have proven that our model can accelerate climate solutions that are key to reversing the climate crisis. Find out more.
Volta Energy TechnologiesVenture CapitalBatteries & Storage✮✮✮✮✮https://plusvolta.comChicago$180MVolta is a new model for investing in energy technology. Volta identifies and works with entrepreneurs and companies to solve their most important technical challenges while providing its strategic investors the opportunity to invest in and acquire the most promising of these technology companies. Volta serves investors from across sectors of the energy system, who have complementary strategic interests in identifying breakthrough energy storage-related technology that will enable ubiquitous adoption of both electric vehicles and renewable power generation. Volta works to validate transformative technologies and businesses through collaboration with leading institutions, including through its research agreement with Argonne National Laboratory. Volta’s focus is on technologies and businesses that impact applications in transportation, the electric grid, and portable electronics. Volta is designed to create strategic advantages for their corporate partners’ core businesses and deliver financial returns.
VoLo EarthVenture CapitalClimate Tech✮✮✮✮✩ Earth faces our climate crisis head-on by providing comprehensive, first-in funding and hands-on leadership to grow, propagate, and capitalize on climate solutions. Our deep industry knowledge and impact-driven methodology provides outsized investment potential with quantifiable carbon benefit.
Voyager VenturesVenture CapitalClimate Tech✮✮✮✩✩https://www.voyagervc.comSan FranciscoVoyager invests in early-stage climate technology companies creating the foundation of a decarbonized global economy and a livable future for all.
WAVE Equity PartnersPrivate EquitySustainability✮✮✮✩✩https://waveep.comBoston$400MWAVE Equity Partners is now investing from Fund III, allocating $30-35M to each company. In Funds i & II, we manage $400M AUM across ten companies.
Westley GroupVenture CapitalEnergy & Cleantech✮✮✮✮✮ Park, CA$417MWe started The Westly Group in 2007 to invest in the disruption of conservative industries like energy and mobility. We partner with startups focused on the digitization and sustainability of energy, mobility, buildings, industrial technology, and cybersecurity. We’ve adopted a flexible investment model to help leading entrepreneurs raise funding rounds that fit their growth needs.
WIND VenturesVenture CapitalCleantech✮✮✮✩✩https://www.windventures.vcSan FranciscoWIND Ventures, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the strategic venture capital group for COPEC - a leading energy, mobility and retail corporation and most-valued brand throughout Latin America (LatAm) and the United States. WIND Ventures leverages COPEC's significant resources to offer startups 'unfair' access to the high growth LatAm markets. We engage startups globally within energy (cleantech), mobility and retail.
WTI Western Tech InvestmentInvestorEnergy✮✮✩✩✩ FranciscoWestern Technology Investment is a venture capital firm that specializes in offering acquisition financing to revenue generating firms.
XperimentVenture StudioClimate Tech✮✮✩✩✩$50MXperiment is a young Venture Capital firm from founders to founders that invest and partner with seed stage startups. We take an active hands-on approach that leverages our entrepreneurial, business and technological expertise. Our support platform and operating partners attract the best founders to partner with us.
Zoma CapitalVenture CapitalSustainability & Innovation✮✩✩✩✩ & ChileZOMA Capital invests in a broad range of market-based sustainable solutions advancing energy, water, and regional economic resiliency in Chile and Colorado.


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  1. I have an idea for a new unit (ground up, new tech) that will harness wind energy and strengthen the environment around it. Who wants in?

  2. We have developed and marketing a system ThemoGen which makes electricity from waste heat. Market is huge. We are working with many customers. We are looking for a late stage VC partner. R&D Dynamics Corp. Bloomfield, Connecticut

  3. Aversano Air has developed the electric aircraft Spectre! 4 seats powered by the new RR electric aircraft motor to produce speeds over 300 MPH.

  4. It’s a great source of knowledge; I think it will be helpful for lot of people who are looking for list of cleantech investors. Thank you very much for sharing this article, this is really helpful for me, thanks again!

  5. Asia Clean Capital Vietnam has launched a C&I Rooftop Solar business, leveraging the experience and expertise of a China platform that has rolled out about 170MW of successful projects, primarily with reputable multinational companies. The Founders are expats who have lived, worked and built businesses in Asia for over 25 years and the Vietnam CEO is a Vietnamese American whose career comprises 15 years as an engineer with a well-know US technology company and 8 years in Vietnam working, among other things, to roll out 150MW of ground-mounted and rooftop solar. The Founders are open to discussions with interested investors.

  6. Very helpful site! We have developed the first viable marine diesel exhaust emissions treatment system that reduces nitrogen oxides by 80%. NOx has been proven to be 300 times worse that carbon dioxide for humanity and marine exhaust is a culprit, spewing tons of NOx into the air and water annually..a serious problem. We can do better. Our Reactive Cyclical Induction system (RCI) puts vessels in conformance to new global 2021 emissions regulations and will save tons of NOx pollution every year. We have had positive and validated real-time test results, have received U.S. and EU patents, have raised $400k and are seeking $600k to $1m to further execute the project and begin marketing the system. If anyone is interested [email protected] Thank you!

  7. Clean Energy Institute (CEI) at the University of Washington, :

    “The Clean Energy Institute (CEI) at the University of Washington was founded in 2013 with funds from the state of Washington. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of a scalable clean energy future that will improve the health and economy of our state, nation, and world. To accomplish this, CEI supports the advancement of next-generation solar energy and battery materials and devices, as well as their integration with systems and the grid. The Institute creates the ideas and educates the people needed to generate these innovations, while facilitating the pathways to bring them to market.”

  8. VertueLab,

    A Portland-based non-profit fighting climate change by providing funding and holistic entrepreneurial support to cleantech startups. VertueLab’s Climate Impact Fund provides entrepreneurs with innovative climate solution technologies with pre-seed or seed stage investments. Other initiatives provide mentorship, investor-readiness coaching, proof of concept funding, investor introductions, and assistance with federal grants.

  9. I designed a new power source in Hydro unlike anything on the market today.
    My design is portable as far as the market goes it covers many applications.
    Small design:
    Rural areas with no public access
    Off grid power
    Space land rovers
    Electric car power meaning no more stopping to recharge
    Medium Design:
    Space stations
    Large design:
    Powering cities with free energy
    No more coal
    No more oil.
    My design can be changed in size to accommodate what the power needs are, it is a Hybrid Hydro design free clean energy no rivers or lakes needed self-contained.
    I did have a working model I tested it for weeks and then I hooked it up to power 4 homes here in the Philippines it ran for 19 hours no issues but the locals here thought I was stealing their power and destroyed the unit.
    The wife of one of the home owners worked for a Chinese group selling power hand tools and had bragged about what had happen and I had a visit from a man from China about 3 weeks ago letting me know the company he works for is very interested no offense to China but I don’t think I want this in their hands just yet.
    I want to rebuild it in the US under better conditions and can be monitored better, and more privacy I think if I do any more building here it would bring too much unwanted attention.
    I wouldn’t need much to rebuild it, sorry but funding like many is the main issue but I can have a new working unit complete in about 8 months if there’s limited shipping issues.
    I have already proven to myself it works I just need to rebuild it and document it to the world there is a better way to get power.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Danny Lloyd
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Kelly, the star rating is somewhat subjective. It is meant to reflect a combination of the scale of deals and the the percent of a firm’s focus on power-tech deals (e.g. innovations in electric technologies)

  10. Hello,

    I am Bob Dildine. I have a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas. I firmly believe that solar energy can be harnessed and used to a greater degree and capacity.
    Eight years ago I became disabled. While healing at home, I determined to make use of my time and began exploring solar cell outputs and configurations, solar panel designs, and solar tracking systems in order to improve solar panel efficiency and increase wattage outputs. Now, I have a design for a solar panel that I believe is an excellent choice.
    Developing requires or implies testing to see what the design is producing. Observation and recording data is a part of the process. Determining the amount of change in production takes some thinking. The panel design so far has quadrupled output for the area used to implement the panel.
    The tracking system for the array will support a high output for the array. Keeping the array at maximum would require a hardware change for the tracking algorithm. Basically the algorithm takes steps and then holds for a time period and then runs the algorithm again with periodic repeats of the process. Overall the implementation keeps the array in a location where it is capable of generating a high output.
    Sounds pretty exciting, wouldn’t you agree?
    I’d like to manufacture arrays for residential and commercial use. That endeavor will require money I don’t have so I am interested in investors who would enter into a debt equity relationship.
    It stands to reason the more efficient the solar cell, the better the panel will perform. Depending on the cell type used, polycrystalline or monocrystalline, the panel’s power escalates with better performing cells. The panel I have designed reads voltage even with perovskite cells during a full moon.
    During the course of building and testing panels, I applied for patents and copyrights. I greatly desire to manufacture panels and tracking systems for residential and commercial customers. A 25 square yard array should generate in excess of 3000 watts on a bright sunny day in cool weather. The same array will continue to produce power in shading with a reduced output.
    I have looked at production costs, materials and facilities. I realize I will need to get UL approval for the panel and tracker. In order to bring the cost of each panel to a competitive rate, I will need to buy in volume. The initial investment to open a shop and begin production for this panel design is three million dollars. For this investment, I would produce two acres of these highly efficient arrays (two acres would sustain approximately 380 arrays). We are all aware costs have escalated with current circumstances. My target was to produce arrays for $15,000.00. I’m doing this so regular folk can have solar power for their prosperity.
    I look forward to your participation in this project. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

    Best regards
    Bob Dildine,
    Owner Biventions, LLC
    [email protected]

  11. Investible is based here in Sydney, Australia!

    Investible is a leading early-stage investor providing early-stage founders with the intellectual and financial capital they need to scale. The Investible Climate Tech Fund is a $100M fund focused on pre-seed through to series A startups developing climate technologies. The fund invests across energy, food and agriculture, building and cities, transport, industry, and land and forest.

  12. Investible is a leading early-stage investor providing early-stage founders with the intellectual and financial capital they need to scale. The Investible Climate Tech Fund is a $100M fund focused on pre-seed through to series A startups developing climate technologies. The fund invests across energy, food and agriculture, building and cities, transport, industry, and land and forest.

    1. Hi Ben. I want to look into your fund, but your website seems to be totally down…Could you send me a note via email so I may share with you what we’re doing at Drop Water ( Thanks.

  13. Hi my name is Tom I am looking for a business partner who would like to build energy efficient homes. The home would be off or on grid your rough cost pr yr in Canadian climate would be around 2500.00+/- depending on charging your electric vehicle if you have one.If your in the city there would be your water and sewer charge. If you’re off grid you would need to supply your own well and field to pump out waste water.The home can be built for around 350,000.00 depending on upgrades.If your off grid you would only pay your mortgage and land taxes. Your energy bill would be far cheaper then any new home today while fighting climate change.

  14. I am interested in obtaining the names of investor entities whose focus is on utility-scale solar PV project financing in emerging markets in the caribbean.
    The revenues for the prospective project are to be anchored by a Power Purchase Agreement with the country’s electric utility.

  15. WAVE Equity Partners is now investing from Fund III, allocating $30-35M to each company. The first has closed three new investments in Q1 2023. All companies are in early commercialization phases of innovative climate-tech products.

  16. I am seeking pre-seed investors in a company which has invented a new green ammonia energy technology in the clean energy space. We have taken clean energy to a new level that has never been seen before. It’s not the typical Geothermal technology either.

    1. What is EGX’s unique differentiation
    a. Enormous energy source & density
    i. Economies of scale lead to low cost of sustainable energy (below the cost of competing fossil fuel and renewable sources).
    b. Global scale production capacity afforded by enormous density of energy production
    c. Thermo-electric Green Fuels synthesis process
    d. Smaller site footprint than utility-scale wind or solar
    e. Significantly more CO2eq displacement per site than other forms of renewable energy

    2. What is EGX’s planned business model
    a. Bulk production of Green Fuels at a series of global facilities
    b. Transportable Green Fuels with the ability to reach all global markets
    c. Some locations may deliver Electrons or other local consumption products
    i. However, energy production best suited for export
    d. Potential expansion to additional captive-energy uses depending on market
    i. Ex/ Local fertilizer production

    3. What has EGX accomplished to date
    a. Assembly of a world-class team of scientists, geologists, geo-physicists and drilling engineers
    i. Includes internationally recognized and renowned vulcanologist John Eichelberger + 3 other PhD’s
    b. Technology Design & Patent applications (73)
    c. Global Geologic Assessments and scalability analysis
    i. 1000+ suitable sites for our technology and production platform
    d. POC Demonstration in Q3-Q4 2023

  17. I am currently working with Volt Vision. This is a highly disruptive company in the high voltage power space. It is currently working in the mining sector allowing significant savings in power usage and efficiency but is scalable into pretty much any industry using high voltage power. Please feel free to get in touch.

  18. SkyScroll is a unique patent-pending airborne platform, which can expand to a huge surface area in order to reflect the sun, or capture energy from the sun.

    SkyScroll has potential applications in climate intervention & climate restoration, and as a platform for airborne solar power.

    In particular, SkyScroll could have a significant role to play in the goal of refreezing the Arctic, which according to Sir David Attenborough “would be a huge defence against the global catastrophes currently threatened by continued global warming”.

  19. Avatar Innovations & Avatar Ventures!

    A clean-tech Corporate Venture Studio based out of Calgary, Canada; validated by a robust process, sponsored by industry, and capitalized by Avatar’s partners, Avatar provides the full-cycle ecosystem that successful energy innovation demands.

    While the Avatar Studio prepares teams to win in the extremely competitive marketplace, Avatar Ventures is working with the investment community to prepare them for funding opportunities.

  20. In research for my climate issue blog, I came across this new venture. After listening to the podcast, I think you should consider adding it to your list.
    FYI, I will link to your list in my next blog post on Jan. 20.

    Stepchange ( is an early stage venture fund founded and led by Ben Eidelson (aka ‘Climate Papa’) that “invests in product-led companies that will make a step change impact on climate. Stepchange puts product leaders at the core of everything we do—from who we invest in and how we support them, to who we seek as LPs, partners, and advisors.”
    • Fund announcement – the press release includes contact information for prospective investors.
    • Podcast ( deep dive on the fund (or on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you listen to podcasts by searching for ‘Climate Papa’). Included in the podcast are interviews with the co-founders, initial recipients of the fund’s investments, and one of the fund’s co-investors, Aaref Hilaly, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures (LP), who said, “We’re thrilled and very excited for the future of Stepchange and grateful to be able to partner with you as an anchor LP in the fund, thought partner, and as a co-investor.”

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