This is a list of all the facts, graphs, and quick insights referenced by articles and the book manuscript.




Energy Fact - Cost of LED lighting dropped 15-times as volumes increasedg213
Energy Fact - By 2040 solar will be the cheapest way to generate electricityg211
Energy Fact - The cost of solar dropped 86% from 2010 to 2020g210
Energy Fact - US weather-related outages between 2000 and 2020g206
Energy Fact - Residential solar installations create the most jobs per megawattg207
Energy Fact - Soft costs are the largest part of small US solar installationsg133
Energy Fact - Hurricane Maria created the largest blackout in US historyg131
Energy Fact - The 2021 Texas power outage was due mainly to natural gasg205
Energy Fact - The cost of batteries decline as manufacturing capacities increaseg202
Energy Fact - Solar PV costs decline as manufacturing expandsg201
Energy Fact - The cost of batteries is 8-times lower than 2010g128
Energy Fact - The cost of solar, wind, and battery is rapidly decliningg127
Energy Fact - The government is very bad at forecasting solar capacityg126
Energy Fact - Component costs have made the grid more expensive than local energyg125
Energy Fact - Comparing Renewable Growth vs Electricity Pricesg124
Energy Fact - Clean Energy Costs Over Timeg123
Energy Fact - US energy tax subsidiesg122
Energy Fact - The Five Orders model of energy tech innovationg117
Energy Fact - We only have a century of fossil and nuclear fuel reservesg120
Energy Fact - Renewable Energy Is The Biggest Opportunity In Historyg118
Energy Fact - Grid Electricity Will Become More Expensiveg115
Energy Fact - Commercial solar is now cheaper than the gridg121
Energy Fact - Declining local energy costs changes why people adopt itg119
Energy Fact - The cost of solar cells has dropped 400-timesg116
Energy Fact - Building a residential rooftop solar project is cheaper than grid electricityg114
Energy Fact - Building a commercial-scale solar project is cheaper than buying from the gridg112
Energy Fact - The costs for all types of solar projects are declining rapidlyg113
Energy Fact - Solar panels are far less toxic than waste from coal and nuclear plantsg111
Energy Fact - Solar is about to become the cheapest source of electricityg110
Energy Fact - It is cheaper to build new solar and wind than using fully paid-for coal plantsg109
Energy Fact - Solar, wind, and nat gas are, by far, the cheapest ways to generate electricityg108
Energy Fact - Solar and wind use 250 times less water than coal and nuclear plantsg107
Energy Fact - Retired solar plants have similar amounts of waste to coal and natural gasg106
Energy Fact - Comparing CO2, SO2, NOx, and methane across coal, natural gas and biomassg105
Energy Fact - Comparing land use of solar, wind, coal, nuclear, hydro and biomassg104
Energy Fact - Fossil fuels and power lines kill more birds than wind turbinesg103
Energy Fact - US per capita electricity consumption is decliningg101
Energy Fact - Solar creates more jobs than all fossil fuels togetherg100