Energy Fact – Fossil fuels and power lines kill more birds than wind turbines

Bird deaths from wind turbines are a concern among environmentalists and wind critics alike but are turbines really the biggest threat to our avian friends?

Data from the US Department of Fish and Wildlife Services has extensive about bird deaths. 

Despite the widespread attention on bird deaths from wind turbines, they are the least harmful of all human-created systems. Other, far more deadly sources include:

  • Pits and ponds associated with oil, gas and coal extraction and refining 
  • Communications towers
  • Power lines, including both collisions and more gruesome electrocutions
  • Buildings and glass
  • Cats

To download this graph and see it yourself, click on the link below:

US Bird deaths from wind cats etc

To see the original source links and calculations, click below:

Math – How many birds are killed from wind turbines and other sources?



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