Get up to speed on the basics of the energy industry with topics ranging from electricity to fuel power plants.



residential solar installation

The 6 best resources to get started in solar

The advantages are no longer just about going green, as solar will be cheaper for nearly everyone over time. Outlined below are some of the best resources to help answer your questions about solar energy and find the right solar installer for your needs.

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What is a Megawatt-Hour?

A megawatt-hour is one of the most common measures of electricity. What is it, how does it relate to a megawatt, and how is it created?

What can you do with a megawatt-hour?

A megawatt hour, like it’s little sibling, the kilowatt hour, is a measure of electricity. But just how much is it? How long will it light a bulb? How far can it drive an electric car?

How is coal formed?

Coal began as dead plants that fell to the bottom of vast swamps millions of years ago. Which countries have the biggest reserves and which burns the most?

The top TED talks on clean energy

Over my 20 years attending TED, there have been a handful of mind-blowing talks on clean, renewable energy. A few of the talks were so powerful, they became catalysts on my own journey into this amazing new industry.

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Four steps to take your house off-grid

Taking your house or business entirely off-grid and powering it with clean energy isn’t easy today but these four steps are 100% achievable with current technology. And, before we know it, going off-grid will be as easy as installing a new air conditioner.

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What is the best way to make electricity?

Coal, nuclear, wind, solar, or natural gas? What criteria should we use when comparing various types of electricity generation, and which one comes out on top?