Forbes’ Futures in Focus podcast host Michael Gale interviews Bill Nussey about the Inflation Reduction Act and the unstoppable economics of local energy

About the Futures in Focus Podcast

Forbes Insights Futures In Focus is about tomorrow’s world and how visionaries and leaders are thinking about it, helping us design for it, and guiding us towards it so that we can thrive. Nothing is certain about the future except the need to design differently for it than the world we live in today. Host is Michael Gale, best-selling author of The Digital Helix.

Interview with Bill Nussey

Breaking the Gordian Knot of energy thinking by 2035 with author of Freeing Energy 

The energy sector is a monolithic giant set up to supply consistent energy to all of us. That model has worked well for over one hundred and thirty years, but the question we have to ask is, can that monolithic energy system react and change fast enough for the world around us? Our quest, Bill Nussey, the author of Freeing Energy, believes that we need a fundamentally different engine to break what he calls the grid monopoly, which will look very old-world by 2033. He argues this is a moral imperative as we should build an engine system that delivers what our future grandchildren can live with.

The Inflation reduction act, with its $369 Billion, is the largest energy bill in the history of the world. This is when we need to think about freeing energy in the same ways we have ideas like farm-to-table in food, regional, seasonal and mixed.

About Michael Gale

Michael is the bestselling (Wall Street Journal and Amazon) author of the book, The Digital Helix, about the DNA of successful digital transformation traits of the 28% of corporations thriving in the $2tr digital transformation industry. This book was the number one book on digital transformation in 2017 and 2018. He is the founding partner of and a top 10 global A.I influencer (Thinkers 360). He hosts the weekly podcast series about the digitally transformed world of ten years from now (futures in focus).



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