Bill Nussey explores the disconnect between slow-moving nuclear, big solar, and transmission projects with the climate urgency to act within this decade

Amber Whittle of Southface hosts Bill Nussey for a presentation to the Southface audience.

From high school startups to a successful serial tech CEO with multiple exits, Bill Nussey will share with us the power local solar and battery installation has in creating local jobs and creating a cleaner energy industry. “If we are going to unleash the creative potential of innovators and empower billions of people, it is going to require a bottoms-up and outside-in reinvention of the very architecture and business models of our electricity systems,” he says.

Bill examines the paradox of slow-moving transmission and large-scale solar compared to the rising urgency to slash CO2 emissions within this decade.

For more information about the Freeing Energy book, check out the Freeing Energy website. The book is available for order on Amazon today.



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