The Freeing Energy podcast is ranked #1 among Renewable Energy podcasts

Feedspot, one of the top sources for podcast rankings, recently ranked the Freeing Energy podcast as #1 in their Renewable Energy Podcasts category.

The Freeing Energy podcast has been steadily climbing in popularity and third-party rankings since it launched in January of 2019. The podcast has also been ranked #10 in Feedspot’s much broader Best Energy Podcasts category, sharing the top ten with other podcasts like the Energy Gang and the Columbia Energy Energy Exchange.

The success is due in large part to its amazing guests, including some of the most downloaded episodes with folks like:

Another source of the podcast’s success is the vision, research, and tone crafted by the show’s producer, Sam Easterby, as well as the voice and expertise delivered through the main host, Bill Nussey. Sam and Bill work with an incredibly talented and dedicated team including rockstar audio editor Sean Powers, research and data analyst, Bailey Damiani, and content editor, Melinda Nussey.

You check out all the podcasts here.



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