The Freeing Energy book’s Table of Contents

Chapter 1: In Search of Energy Freedom

            Nine Dark Months
            The Big Grid’s Glorious Beginnings
            The Biggest Business Opportunity in History
            What is Freeing Energy?

Chapter 2: Your Power is Failing

            Poisoning the Planet (#1)
            Frighteningly Fragile (#2)
            770 million People Without Electricity (#3)
            Losing Steam (#4)
            Short Circuiting Our Choices (#5)

Chapter 3: The Rise of Local Energy

            Local Energy 101
            Small Is the New Big
            Consumerization Turbocharges Local Energy
            The Local Energy Decade

Chapter 4: From Fuels to Technologies

            A Short History of Solar
            Solar Is a Technology, not a Fuel
            The Superpowers of Solar
            Battery Superpowers

Chapter 5: Hidden Patterns of Innovation

            The Cleanpocalypse of 2011
            The Roots of Innovation
            Manufacturing Solar and Batteries
            China’s Edge
            Far More Than the Sum of the Parts

Chapter 6: Billion Dollar Disruptions

            New Possibilities for Power
            Choreographing Electrons
            Big Oil vs the Big Grid
            Fuels 2.0: Hydrogen
            Your EV is a Wireless Grid
            Super-Cheap Excess Electricity
            A New Grid for Africa

Chapter 7: Utilities vs. the Future

            Goliath Roars
            David Roars Back
            A Monopoly Parable
            The Local Energy Bill of Rights
            Reinventing Electric Monopolies

Chapter 8: The Battle for Public Opinion

            Myth: Solar Is Too Expensive
            Myth: Solar Takes Too Much Land
            Myth: Not Enough Raw Materials
            Myth: Retired Panels Are a Waste Nightmare
            Truth: Intermittency is Challenging, for Now
            What About Nuclear?

Chapter 9: Unlocking Our Power

            Building Energy Freedom
            Upgrading Policy
            Politicians Love Local Energy
            Really Big Opportunities
            100% for the 100%

Chapter 10: Powered by Innovators

            Built for Local
            Making the Price Irresistible
            Unleashing the Energy Internet
            Funding the Revolution
            You Can Take It From Here



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