iClima’s inaugural Climate Talk series featuring Bill Nussey, author of Freeing Energy

In this first episode of the Climate Talk podcast hosted by Gaby Herculano and Shaila Leekha, Bill Nussey discusses topics ranging from solar batteries to his new book, Freeing Energy. The book aims to provide readers with a powerful new approach to accelerating the transition to a clean energy future. Some of the main ideas of the book include decentralizing (localizing) energy, novel business models, and new perspectives on ownership and finance, ideas that iClima have written numerous articles about and that are at the foundation of their distributed renewable energy index.

The Climate Talk podcast is part of the Spark Network, an events company that hosts virtual and in-person experiences around finance, tech, and the environmental sector. Their mission is to deliver the research, analysis, and out-of-the-box opinions to inspire creative solutions that raise the bar for humanity.

Check out Spark Network’s website here:

Read more about the Freeing Energy book here:



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