Christopher Lochhead of the #1 business podcast, Follow Your Different, interviews Bill Nussey about the myths and opportunities of renewable energy

About Christopher Lochhead

Christopher Lochhead is a 13-time #1 bestselling Amazon author, #1 charting Apple business podcaster, top 5 business newsletter creator, former 3X public tech company CMO, who is best known as a “godfather” of Category Design.

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About the Follow Your Different Podcast

Millionaires, billionaires, world leaders, navy seal commanders, globally recognized authors, anti-terrorism strategists, real-estate tycoons, fierce venture capitalists, hall of fame athletes and category-creating entrepreneurs following their different with reckless abandon.

The Follow Your Different™ Podcast is a celebration of people, ideas and companies that stand out. A leader in the category “dialogue podcasts,” it feels like eavesdropping on a surprisingly captivating, candid, insightful, no-BS and conversation.

Lochhead features legends whose names you will know and everyday legends who you’ll love getting to know. New York Times Bestselling author Hal Elrod calls it “one of the best podcasts of all time”, NBA Legend Bill Walton calls Lochhead “an exploding star – a quasar across the sky”, The Marketing Journal says he’s “one of the best minds in marketing” and The Economist says he’s, “off-putting to some”.

Episode 293 with Bill Nussey

Most of us are interested in what is happening in the electric energy revolution. So it is logical that people want to understand how this different future will impact ourselves, our families, our communities, our work, and our world.

Bill Nussey is a best-selling author, and his book, Freeing Energy is a fact-based, clear-eyed look at how innovators are using what he calls a local approach to solar to develop whole new categories.

What you’re about to discover is how learnings from the information technology and entrepreneurship world are now driving breakthroughs, in energy and in specific solar energy. We go right at some of the myths about solar energy, and the trillions in New Category potential that Bill sees for entrepreneurs and investors in solar energy.




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