SunCast Media host Nico Johnson invites Bill Nussey to discuss his “radical” roadmap for the clean energy transition

Nico Johnson, host of the widely popular SunCast podcast, invites Bill Nussey to discuss his new book Freeing Energy, which explores the history and future of the electric grid and how startups, policymakers, investors, and individuals can play a role inaccelerating  the transition to clean, local energy.

Here are a few of Bill’s insights from this episode

“Trapped by a century of fossil fuel investments and politicians that struggle to plan beyond the next election, the “Big Grid” that powers our modern world is outdated and in dire need of an upgrade.”

“Just like personal computers eclipsed mainframes, millions of solar rooftops and small battery systems are challenging every assumption about our century-old, centralized electric grid. These small-scale “local energy” systems are deeply disruptive because they are based on fast-moving technologies, not fuels.”

SunCast is one of the top clean energy podcasts. Host Nico Johnson is an investor, executive coach, and veteran of the solar industry, who has led development for international companies including Trina Solar and Conergy. To listen to the SunCast podcast click here.

For more information about the Freeing Energy book, out December 7th, visit the book’s about page on the Freeing Energy website, And, of course, please order the book today on Amazon.



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