‘Disrupting Energy with an Entrepreneurial Perspective;’ Bill Nussey is interviewed by the utility-industry podcast, Energy Central

From the Energy Central podcast site:

The utility sector has a reputation over its history for being somewhat insular: common ways of thinking persist and radical changes to the status quo are met with resistance and take some amount of time to be embraced. Fortunately, that reputation is finally falling as the various revolutions across the power industry are being embraced: digitalization, clean energy, and more.

Today’s guest on the podcast, though, entered the energy industry from a complete outsider’s perspective to identify where the sector could be most suitably and impactfully disrupted. Seeing the need for the clean energy transition and thinking about what that would mean for the future of energy, Bill Nussey set out to interview hundreds of people in the sector and publish a book on what he learned, titled Freeing Energy. Now, Bill joins podcast host Jason Price and producer Matt Chester to share the lessons surrounding the two D’s he sees as critical to the energy industry of tomorrow: Distributed and Disruptive.



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