Cimpatico Studios interviews Bill Nussey, the founder of the Freeing Energy Project

Cimpatico Studios is a live-stream talk show that explores the world’s most pressing business and social issues. This year, Cimpatico launched its first channel, the Climate Adaptation Channel, hosted by Doug Parsons. 

In this talk titled “How much cheaper can solar get?”, host Doug Parsons interviews Bill Nussey, the founder of the Freeing Energy Project, about the history of solar prices, new solar manufacturing technologies, and the role of the government in funding and subsidizing the renewable energy sector. 

Here are a few ideas Bill shared during his conversation with Doug…

“Over the past 40 years, the price of solar has dropped over 300 times.”

“We have to remember, solar is the technology and not the fuel itself.”

“Solar benefits from economies of volume… therefore, even small changes can provide massive benefits.”

“Research shows that if you put solar on your roof, it’s probably one of the best returns in regards to selling your house in the future…”

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