Introducing our Myths of Solar series

Solar needs subsidies to survive.

Solar energy is diffuse and requires too much land.

Rooftop solar will raise prices on low-income families.

Retired solar panels will overrun our landfills.

Solar has a list of genuine challenges but there is an even longer list of myths and misunderstandings floating around.

Now you can drink your morning coffee and do solar myth-busting all at the same time.

Bill and the Freeing Energy team have authored a series of heavily researched, data-first articles addressing many of the most widespread myths. To make it easy and digestible, we’ve organized it into a four-week email series that you can sign up for below. We’ll give you both sides of the argument so you can decide whether each concern is a solar reality or just a myth.

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(we’ll never share your info and you can stop the series at any time).

As a sneak peek, here are some of the questions you’ll be seeing in your inbox every few days.

  • Coal and natural gas are a lot cheaper than solar
  • Rooftop solar shifts grid costs onto low-income households
  • Solar uses too much land
  • Solar’s land use will crowd out farmland
  • Fossil fuel power plants use much less land than solar
  • Retired solar panels will overflow future landfills
  • Manufacturing enough solar panels will create a supply chain and environmental nightmare
  • Solar only survives because of subsidies
  • Solar panels are full of toxic materials like cadmium and lead
  • The intermittency of solar raises the cost of the grid



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