Fast Company: Freeing Energy book mentioned in article about the future of solar

For most of its history, solar has been delivered in large black rectangles placed on rooftops. That is changing. Solar is becoming beautiful. A recent Fast Company

Bill Nussey, author of Freeing Energy: How innovators are using local-scale solar and batteries to disrupt the global energy industry from the outside in, weighs in on this issue in the Fast Company article “From windows to jackets to furniture, solar power is being totally revolutionized.”

Solar panels are becoming works of art, worthy of displaying just because they are gorgeous. Windows, furniture, even fabrics are becoming solar powered.

Here are a few of the insights shared by Bill:

“We’re going to have a huge 2022 for solar, regardless of the big bills bouncing around…”

“If you want to work on climate change, you need to make beautiful products and you need to let communities take charge…”

Fast Company is an internationally recognized business media brand, with a focus on topics surrounding innovation in technology, leadership, revolutionary ideas, and creative design.

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