Nicole Jansen, host of the Leaders of Transformation podcast talks to Bill: How can you tap into the global energy market and help empower billions of people?

From the Leaders of Transformation website:

Bill Nussey is a career tech CEO with three successful exits, including an IPO. He worked at Greylock as a venture capitalist and after selling his marketing tech company Silverpop to IBM in 2014, he was promoted to IBM’s VP of Corporate Strategy, helping the CEO and SVPs set the company’s overall strategy.

As a CEO, his companies have raised more than $400 million, created thousands of jobs and billions in shareholder value. In 2016, he left IBM to create the Freeing Energy Project. It began with his 2017 Ted talk then grew into 100+ articles and most recently, the #1 ranked renewable energy podcast, The Freeing Energy podcast.

Today we discuss Bill Nussey’s new book, Freeing Energy. What is local energy, how you can get involved, and the 10 big ideas driving growth and innovation in the global energy market. We also delve into the common myths about solar power, batteries, carbon footprint, recycling issues, and much more.

Get ready! Bill shares a wealth of insight and clean energy business opportunity with us.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • The historic opportunity available to innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Dispelling the common myths about solar panels and batteries
  • Tesla, lithium, battery recycling, and other concerns
  • Why clean energy must be seen as a technology instead of a fuel
  • The real battle the clean energy industry faces today
  • Benefits and economics of local energy vs utility-scale renewables
  • Why solar is currently cheaper in Australia than in the U.S.
  • The growth of micro-communities in Florida, California and beyond
  • Paying for your beer with solar energy?
  • The next hot startup market
  • The Five Order framework for evaluating the risks and financing needs for clean energy technology
  • The biggest business opportunity in history and why you don’t want to bet against technology

Podcast Highlights

1:51 – Discovering the energy opportunity

4:29 – Dispelling common myths about clean energy

12:11 – Carbon footprints

14:20 – Ten big ideas around clean energy

23:43 – Local energy and micro-communities

28:12 – The five order framework for innovators and entrepreneurs

32:00 – Taking action

35:02 – Putting the odds in your favor



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