What are the biggest trends threatening to disrupt the power industry?

I recently moderated a panel at the Energy Leaders Symposium called Disruptions in the Energy Industry. This event was hosted by Georgia Tech’s Center for Distributed Energy. To help frame the discussions, I defined a disruption as an industry changing so quickly that incumbents can’t keep up. I listed three drivers threatening to disrupt the power industry: a shift from economies of scale to economies of volumes, a shift from top-down to edge-in, and battery storage. Read More

Puerto Rico shines a bright light on the shortcomings of the world’s electricity infrastructure

On August 7, 2018, an untrimmed tree fell on an electrical transmission line in Puerto Rico, leaving 130,000 people in San Juan without power for an hour and a half. Big deal, right? When compared to the immense and long-lasting damage done to the island’s grid by Hurricane Maria the year before, a brief power… Read More

1,000 solar scientists got together this week – here’s what they’re talking about

Every four years, one thousand solar scientists from across the world gather to peer into the future of the solar industry. The event is called the World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC). The seventh such event is taking place this week on the big island of Hawaii.  I decided to attend the conference to learn… Read More

Clean Energy Tech Conferences for 2018

The clean energy industry has A LOT of conferences. A LinkedIn post from my friend Georges prompted me to merge my list with his (and other sources) and post for others. Please leave a comment below (or email me) if you see anything needing corrections, updates, etc. [gdoc datatables_paging=”false” datatables_searching=”false” datatables_buttons=”%5B%5B  %5D%5D” datatables_page_length=”20″ datatables_info=”false”  datatables_usecache=”no”… Read More

Can we make solar installations 3-times cheaper in the next 3-4 years?

In mid-November, forty of the brightest minds in solar gathered just outside New York City. Their goal was simple yet audacious: find a way to dramatically reduce the cost of solar installations by re-inventing how they are designed and built.  The cheaper we can make solar, the faster we accelerate the shift towards clean energy.… Read More

Four takeaways from the Microgrid 2017 conference

Microgrid 2017 is a 3-day, deep dive trade conference attended by equipment companies, operators, universities, government officials, researchers, financiers, regulators and just about anyone else thinking about the cutting edge of the power industry. Up from last year’s attendance of 150 people, this year’s event was sold out at 460 people. While the attendance is… Read More

Net Impact conference 2017 – how technology is impacting Africa

Net Impact is an annual conference dedicated to helping students and professionals create careers that make a positive impact on the world. Thousands of people from across the US come together to for three days to learn and collaborate on topics ranging from social justice and clean energy to sustainable agriculture and civic engagement. When I… Read More