How many desert tortoises are harmed during solar installations in the Mojave?

The Mojave desert tortoise is a threatened species (not endangered) that can be impacted during the construction of solar projects in the Mojave desert. Extensive efforts are made to minimize the impact and deaths but some still occur.

Critics of solar power often cite the impact on Mojave desert tortoises as a reason to reduce support for solar. While the death of any single tortoise is regrettable, the reality is that mitigation efforts are generally successful and very few tortoises are actually harmed. In fact, for each gigawatt hour of solar energy from a Mojave Desert project kills a maximum of 0.03 tortoises, or 33 GWh of electricity generation results in 1 tortoise death.

Comparing this to the environmental impact of nuclear power, the same amount of electricity would result in more than 220 pounds of toxic nuclear waste.

Download the full spreadsheet here (not yet available – for now, download via the Excel spreadsheet above)

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