To generate a megawatt hour of electricity from a solar installation, how much weight in racking and total weight for panel (modules) and racking is needed? This is measured against the expected lifetime of a solar panel.

About 5 pounds of solar panels and racking are needed to generate 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity (assuming a standard panel lifetime).

Pounds of solar racking per amount of solar energy:

  • Solar racking weight (pounds / kWh) 0.002
  • Solar racking weight (pounds / MWh) 2.00
  • Solar racking weight (pounds / GWh) 1,998

Pounds of solar panels AND racking per amount of solar energy:

  • Solar panels + racking weight (pounds / kWh) 0.00517
  • Solar panels + racking weight (pounds / MWh) 5.17
  • Solar panels + racking weight (pounds / GWh) 5,170

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