Below is a list of events and conferences that Bill Nussey, the CEO and founder of the Freeing Energy Project, has spoken at…

IEEE TV: Virtual Workshop on Energy Access and Empower a Billion Lives II — June 30, 2021

Hypepotamus: Interview with Bill Nussey, the CEO of the Freeing Energy Podcast — May 11, 2021

DOE: Bill Nussey shares solar start-up story as part of the US Department of Energy’s quarterly SETO Stake Holder Meeting — December 17, 2020

Shadow Summit — September 23, 2020

Solar Mavericks Podcast: Interview with Bill Nussey and Dr. Benjamin Damiani — September 15, 2020

Cimpatico Studios: Doug Parsons interview with Bill Nussey about new solar technologies and the industry moving forward — September 7, 2020

SunCast Podcast & NREL: Bill Nussey and Dr. Benjamin Damiani discuss the American Solar Prize — April 13, 2020

TEDx Talks: Bill Nussey, “Accelerating the shift to clean energy” — December 14, 2019

My Climate Journey Podcast: Episode 51, Bill Nussey, CEO and founder of the Freeing Energy Project — November 7, 2019

SunCast Podcast: Episode 125, Bill Nussey is Freeing Energy, Moving From the Cloud to the Grid — November 15, 2018