Freeing Energy is the on-ramp for clean energy entrepreneurs and innovators

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The clean energy transition is the single biggest economic opportunity in history—bigger than the industrial revolution and bigger than the computing revolution. Bill Nussey covers all the innovations that have already happened, and those that are on the horizon, that make this such a big opportunity. His broad coverage of large and small, and broad geographies, brings the whole situation into perfect perspective to drive both optimism and action.

Just like personal computers eclipsed mainframes, millions of solar rooftops and small battery systems are challenging every assumption about our century-old, centralized electric grid. These small-scale “local energy” systems are deeply disruptive because they are based on fast-moving technologies, not fuels. Driven by a new generation of innovators and genuinely competitive markets, smaller systems are faster to build, easier to finance, cleaner to operate, and they create far more jobs than large-scale projects.

Freeing Energy is the only book that is written by an entrepreneur and investor for entrepreneurs and investors. Topics covered include:

  • A deep look at five enormous disruptions to the existing electricity industry.
  • What really happened during the “Cleanpocalypse of 2011,” when VC’s lost over $10 billion in early cleantech investments
  • A new framework called The Five Orders that helps guide innovators on funding and growth strategies for every kind of energy tech innovation. (Read an excerpt from the book here.)
  • Explores dozens of emerging local energy segments, each of which will achieve billions of dollars in annual revenue.
  • 100+ startups already embracing these emerging segments
  • An overview of the many ways to fund energy tech companies, beyond traditional venture capital.
  • What is China’s edge in solar manufacturing?

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