Podcast #035: Ashvin Dayal – How is the Rockefeller Foundation using mini-grids to tackle energy poverty in Africa and India?

Ashvin Dayal, the SVP Power Initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation, talks with host Bill Nussey about how clean energy mini-grids are lifting Africa and India out of energy poverty. Read More

Africa is democratizing energy – a TED talk by Amar Inamdar shares lessons that can impact energy everywhere

Local energy is the fastest path to cleaner, cheaper, more reliable power. Nowhere is this truer than Africa. And, few people express the amazing future of local energy in Africa better than Amar Inamdar. His recent talk from TEDGlobal 2017 was featured on the home page of TED.com and has been spectacularly well received. If… Read More

Off-grid insights and innovations changing the face of rural Africa

Local Energy The vision behind the Freeing Energy Project is simple: electricity is moving away from fossil-fuels toward cleaner, cheaper and more resilient sources of power. One of the most exciting catalysts for this epic change is Local Energy. Much like the farm-to-table movement, Local Energy is about creating electricity and consuming it in the… Read More

Net Impact conference 2017 – how technology is impacting Africa

Net Impact is an annual conference dedicated to helping students and professionals create careers that make a positive impact on the world. Thousands of people from across the US come together to for three days to learn and collaborate on topics ranging from social justice and clean energy to sustainable agriculture and civic engagement. When I… Read More

Solar irrigation transforms small African farms

Kenya is a nation of farmers. About two-thirds of the country support themselves by tilling the ground, planting seeds and harvesting crops. Despite having mild year-round weather, the dry climate only supports two annual growing seasons, the “long rains” and the “short rains.” These limited seasons mean many Kenyan farmers can barely grow enough to… Read More

Solar Home Systems in Africa Power Lights, Radios, Phones and Dignity

On my recent trip to Africa, Jacqueline Novogratz, the CEO of the anti-poverty organization, Acumen,  shared something she’d heard from a woman in Pakistan… Off-grid solar home systems (SHS) consist of small boxes attached to a mini solar panel and a handful of lights at the end of long, thin wires. These boxes light up… Read More