Podcast 049: Nussey and Easterby – 2020 clean energy favorites and a peek into 2021

Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby in podcast recording studio

Bill Nussey and Sam Easterby catch up on 2020 and what’s coming in 2021. Listen in as the hosts share their favorite tidbits from the top local clean energy stories from last year as well as replay some of the most memorable quotes from podcast guests across 2020.

What excites me about this industry is all the innovation that is going on. We are in the midst of the next energy revolution.

Vikram Aggarwal, EnergySage CEO

Being part of a movement, going back to a Gandhi like movement, becoming self-reliant and being capable of taking care of our own needs. Which we’ve seen full-blown here with COVID-19 and needing to outsource where we get test kits, where we get N95 masks. The vulnerability that we’ve had brought to light as a result of COVID-19 permeates almost everything that exists across our manufacturing space here in the US. And the movement to reshore technology, to scale manufacturing, making things that we use ourselves. It’s the farm boy in me that gets to exercise the passion for what we’re doing.

Charlie Gay, CEO of Violet Power, and previous Director of Solar at the US Department of Energy

I think the thing that non-industry folks would find most surprising is this question of the human element. This can often seem like a very engineering-based solution. But actually what it really comes down to is understanding people and their behaviors and their preferences. That’s why it takes more than engineers. It takes economists; it takes sociologists; and it takes anthropologists to actually solve this challenge.

Ashvin Dayal, SVP Rockefeller Foundation’s Power Initiative

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