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April 2020 Clean Energy Headlines

* The COVID-19 pandemic slows the growth of the renewable energy industry
* The amount of coal in the US energy portfolio continues its nosedive
* A sharp decline in oil demand tests storage limits
* Plus articles and podcasts from the Freeing Energy team

July Clean Energy Headlines

Among the top news and analysis in July:
* After months of debate, Ohio nuclear bailout bill becomes law.
* Tesla opens new V3 Supercharger with solar and battery.
* Europe set to race past US in battery manufacturing.
* Energy transition prompts more insurers to back away from coal.

June Clean Energy Headlines

The biggest clean energy news and analysis from June 2019
* Solar has a new way to duck Trump’s tariffs: two-sided panels
* A radical idea to get a high-renewable electric grid
* Renewables to see $10 trillion in investments through 2050
* Trump administration finalizes revamp of Obama-era coal rule
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