Creating the definitive list of cleantech investment firms

The 2011 cleantech crash put a chokehold on early-stage power tech investments. Fortunately, the industry is once again on the rise. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, global venture capital and private equity investments in clean energy are up 127% in 2018 over 2017, the highest levels since 2010. New firms are jumping into the segment every month, some with a single investment, others with a deep strategic focus.

We have tried to find a comprehensive list of firms investing in the sector but haven’t found anything. So, we are going to create our own.  This post is a call out to the Freeing Energy community to collaborate towards creating the definitive list of cleantech and power tech investors.

Our article, A blueprint for cleantech investing, explains the segmentation within the industry. For this list, we will focus on firms that have done at least one power tech deal. Power tech can include battery startups, solar technologies, smart grid, wind turbines, forecasting, monitoring, electric vehicle charging, streamlined project financing, and peer-to-peer electricity marketplaces – pretty much anything that helps us get to a cleaner electric future. To keep this list from getting too large, we will assume power tech does not include biofuels, geothermal heating, and other clean energy solutions that are not electricity focused.

This list is just beginning. If you’d like to help fill in the details of the firms already here, please reach out to Bill Nussey. If you have any edits, corrections or additions to this list, please post them in the comment section below.

Energy Tech Focus
Fund size:
# Energy tech deals:
1955 CapitalVenture CapitalSustainability✮✩✩✩✩1955 Capital will invest in advanced technologies from the Americas and Europe to solve pressing problems in developing countries. Francisco$200M1
3x5 PartnersLate stage VCCleantech✮✮✩✩✩3x5 Special Opportunity Fund specializes in later-stage companies within the healthcare and clean-tech sectors US$70M
Activate Capital PartnersVenture CapitalDigital IndustrialThe world is undergoing transformational changes which are placing unprecedented stress on the cities and infrastructure we share. Scarce resources, urban density and fundamental shifts in how energy is generated and consumed are creating new economic and social challenges for the global community – and for individual communities across the globe. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of the mega-trends shaping the future of industrial economies and follows by identifying the technologies most likely to provide the solutions. With a specific focus on energy, mobility and industrial systems we provide growth equity to companies with proven technologies at a commercial inflection point. We back entrepreneurs who share our vision of building businesses of scale and impact. FranciscoNA2
Advanced Technology VenturesVenture CapitalFounded in 2012, ArcTern Ventures is a venture capital fund that provides early-stage capital to cleantech companies.
AltEnergyInvestor / OperatorCleantechCleantech Investor and Operatorhttps://altenergyllc.comNY and CT2
Arbor View CapitalSustainabilitySustainability focused
ArcTern VenturesVenture CapitalSustainability✮✮✮✮✩ArcTern Ventures (formerly the MaRS Cleantech Fund) is a privately-backed venture capital fund that provides early-stage capital to companies developing breakthrough ideas in the cleantech sector. The Fund has developed a unique early-stage investment model through its partnership with MaRS, one of the largest innovation centres in world.
ARENA InvestmentsDebtClean energy projects, DC
Braemer Energy VenturesVenture Capital
Capital EEarly stage VCCleantech, DC
Center ElectricVenture Capital
Chevron Future Energy Fund
Chrysalix Venture CapitalVenture CapitalVancouver
Clean Energy TrustIncubator
Clean Energy Venture FundVenture CapitalClean Energy TechEnergy VC
CleanTech OpenIncubatorIncubator
ClearSkyVenture CapitalClean EnergyEnergytech VChttp://clear-sky.comFlorida
Congruent VenturesVenture CapitalSustainability VCSustainability VC$90
ConsensysIncubatorEthereumEthereum incubator
Constellation Technology VenturesVenture CapitalVenture Capital
CREO SyndicateVC AdvisorVC Advisor
Cyclotron RoadIncubatorIncubatorCalifornia
Element PartnersGrowth EquityGrowth Equity
Energy Impact PartnersGrowth Capital✮✮✮✮✮Venture Capitalhttps://www.energyimpactpartners.com & San Francisco$650M
Energy Innovation CapitalGrowth EquityAll energyGrowth Equity
Enertech CapitalVenture CapitalEnergy TechEnergy focsed VC
FactorEVenture CapitalVenture Capital
Firelake Capital (shutdown)Venture CapitalCleantechCleantech VCSan Francisco
Foundation CapitalVenture CapitalVenture Capital
G2VPVenture CapitalSustainability VCSustainability VC
Generate CaptialGrowth EquityGrowth Equity
Green Chamber of the SouthIncubatorIncubator
Greentown LabsIncubatorIncubatorBoston
Invenergy Future FundVenture CapitalVenture Capital
Khosla VenturesVenture CapitalMultipleVenture Capital Park, CA
Lux CapitalVenture CapitalHard ScienceVenture Capital Park, CA
National GridVenture CapitalEnergy techVC arm of utility National Grid Francisco
Nth PowerVenture CapitalVenture Capital
Obvious VenturesVenture CapitalVenture Capital
Pangea VenturesVenture CapitalMaterialsMaterials focused VC
Pegasus Capital AdvisorsInvestment BankClean EnergyClean energy investment bank
PowerHouseIncubator & SeedClean Energy✮✮✮✮✮Powerhouse backs the latest in digital technology and business model innovation to advance the future of clean energy.https://powerhouse.fund Francisco$5.5M
Prelude VenturesVenture CapitalVenture Capital
Renewal FundsEarly Stage VCSustainability, BC
RiseVenture CapitalClean Energy Finance
Rockport CapitalVenture CapitalCleantechClean investor$450M
Stanley, Black an Decker VenturesVenture CapitalBatteriesVenture Capital
Statkraft VenturesVenture CapitalEnergyEnergy VC
Surge VenturesIncubatorIncubator
Techstars EnergyIncubatorEnergyIncubator
The EngineIncubatorMIT-based Finance & Incubator
Total Energy VenturesVenture CapitalVenture Capital
True North VenturesVenture CapitalCleantechCleantech VC
WTI Western Tech InvestmentInvestorEnergyBroad Energy Investor
Volta Energy TechnologiesVenture CapitalBatteries & Storage✮✮✮✮✮Volta is a new model for investing in energy technology. Volta identifies and works with entrepreneurs and companies to solve their most important technical challenges while providing its strategic investors the opportunity to invest in and acquire the most promising of these technology companies. Volta serves investors from across sectors of the energy system, who have complementary strategic interests in identifying breakthrough energy storage-related technology that will enable ubiquitous adoption of both electric vehicles and renewable power generation. Volta works to validate transformative technologies and businesses through collaboration with leading institutions, including through its research agreement with Argonne National Laboratory. Volta’s focus is on technologies and businesses that impact applications in transportation, the electric grid, and portable electronics. Volta is designed to create strategic advantages for their corporate partners’ core businesses and deliver financial returns.https://plusvolta.com$180M
Zoma CapitalVenture CapitalVenture Capital


  • The star ratings are based on the number, overall percentage, and recency of power tech deals.
  • The final version of this list will become part of the Freeing Energy resource materials. You will be able to find it here when it is complete.

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