Announcing the Japanese translation of Freeing Energy

The Freeing Energy book has been translated into Japanese and is available from Amazon Japan and Amazon US in paperback and Amazon Kindle versions.

The story behind the Japanese translation

The translation is the result of a multi-month collaboration between Author Bill Nussey and a team led by Japanese energy leader and visionary, Tetsunari (Tetsu) Iida. This was a substantial effort that included translating the entire 100,000 word English manuscript, all footnotes, and several dozens graphs and tables. Iida-san led a group of translators, students, and designers through every part of the book and worked with Bill Nussey’s production team to make the book available for sale on Amazon Japan’s website.

This Japanese version of the book includes an opening letter from Author Bill Nussey to Japanese readers and an afterword from Tetsu Iida.

Tetsu Iida, an energy leader and visionary for local energy in Japan

Tetsi Iida

Iida started his career as a nuclear engineer, but quit in 1992 to pursue renewable energy. He moved to Sweden to study that country’s early successes. When he returned to Japan in 1998, he formed the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies. In September 2011, Iida launched the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation, which is backed by US$13 million from Japan’s richest man, Masayoshi Son. The foundation brings together some 100 experts from around the world to analyze obstacles to implementing renewable energy, and offer policy recommendations to the Japanese government. He is also a member of Nuclear Accident Protection Committee and Total Energy Research Committee of Japanese government.

Iida has done several TED talks on energy with a particular focus on transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear towards truly renewable energy.

Iida has received the World Wind Honorary Energy Award for Extraordinary Personal Achievements for his promotion of community power (local energy).

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About the Freeing Energy book

Freeing Energy is a practical guide for democratizing energy. The book offers a new and faster path towards a clean energy future—one that is more reliable, more equitable, and cheaper. Just like personal computers eclipsed mainframes, millions of solar rooftops and small battery systems are challenging every assumption about our century-old, centralized electric grid. These small-scale “local energy” systems are deeply disruptive because they are based on technologies, not fuels. Driven by a new generation of innovators and genuinely competitive markets, smaller systems are faster to build, easier to finance, cleaner to operate, and they create far more jobs than large-scale projects.

The English version of the book was released in December 2021 and rose to Amazon’s #1 New Release in three separate categories: solar, energy & oil, and energy policy. As of March 2022, the book enjoys a 5.0 rating in Amazon’s review section.

“If we are going to unleash the creative potential of innovators and empower billions of people, it is going to require a bottoms-up and outside-in reinvention of the very architecture and business models of our electricity systems.”

Bill Nussey, Author



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