The Freeing Energy Blog Is Live!

Sunrise on Solar Panels Photo

Welcome to the official launch of my blog,!

This blog, my recent TED talk, my 2018 book, and several organizations yet to be born, are all part of the Freeing Energy Project. Together, these efforts focus on a single question: how do we accelerate the shift to clean energy?

I believe this is not only the defining question of our generation, but I believe the answer will create the single biggest business opportunity in history.

Clean energy from the sun and wind is quickly becoming cost competitive with fossil fuels. It produces no toxic ash, no greenhouse gases, and no dangerous radiation. Modern distributed, clean energy solutions are far more resistant to extreme weather and cyber attacks. Despite being a better solution, clean energy only makes up 6-7% of the US grid. And adoption is moving at a snail’s pace – the US Energy Information Administration says that clean energy will only increase from 7% to 14% over the next 25 years.

The problems are too urgent and the new solutions are too good to be moving so slowly. How can we accelerate this critical shift to cleaner, cheaper and more secure power?

To find these answers more quickly, we need to break free from industry jargon, political rhetoric, legacy assumptions and academic models. We need to translate the complex landscape of the power industry into words and ideas that everyone, experts, and non-experts alike, can discuss on equal terms.

It’s time to bring the Freeing Energy Project into the discussion. After interviewing over one hundred of the smartest energy leaders in the world, traveling to China and Africa for first-hand research, and reading thousands of articles and dozens of books, I am opening up as a venue for ideas, discussions, and learning.

I invite you to join me in this discussion. Follow the FreeingEnergy twitter feed. Sign up for emails to get updates on this blog. Pass along this site to friends and colleagues who also believe that the future of energy is a discussion worth having.

Passionately and Humbly Yours,

Bill Nussey

P.S. Big thanks to Melinda, Loren, Donna, Sam, Liz, Lauren, Adam and so many others that have helped me shape this site and my blogs.



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