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Monthly Local Energy Headlines and Analysis

The clean energy headlines from May 2022 including EV models that are cheaper than their gas-fueled equivalent, the European Commission’s rooftop solar mandate, and more.

The Top Clean Energy Headlines Round Up for 2021

The clean energy headlines from December 2021 including 350 W solar panels designed to mimic roof shingles, an Arkansas school using solar to raise teacher salaries, and “untapped” potential in climate investments.

November 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

The Local Energy headlines from November 2021: highway-side land is an ideal place for solar, generator company Generac expands into smarthomes, utilities want to own the micogrids in California.

October 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

An overview of October’s clean energy news including exciting new BIPV solar tiles, money flowing into local energy and flowing out fossil fuels, and the struggles with carbon capture.

July 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

July 2021 clean energy news and a quick look at why installing local energy in the US is 2.5-times more expensive than Australia! Other news include problems with Europe’s RED, and 2 million EVs sold in the US…

June 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

California’s new hybrid microgrids, NASA’s new local energy, Holy Grail’s fund for carbon capture devices, lots of coverage of Ford’s new F150 lightning EV pickup truck, and much more…

May 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

* A cyberattack crippled the east coast’s gasoline supply
* The top-selling pickup in the U.S. goes electric
* Increased radioactive activity inside the ruins of Chernobyl
* Plus articles and podcasts from the Freeing Energy team

April 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

* New data on wind’s role in the Texas energy crisis
* Updates on the Tesla Powerwall and their new solar roof
* New growth in the advanced energy sector
* Plus articles and podcasts from the Freeing Energy team

March 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

* South Korean investment into U.S. battery manufacturing
* Utilities attempting to shift costs to homeowners with solar
* Record-breaking adoption of batteries and PV solar in 2020
* Plus articles and podcasts from the Freeing Energy team

February 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

* Breaking down the situation in Texas
* A look at the forces seeking to limit residential solar
* Diving into arguments against renewables
* Plus two exciting podcasts from the Freeing Energy team

January 2021 Clean Energy Headlines

* Clean energy investment breaks $500 billion last year
* A simple plan to remove barriers for residential solar
* California’s oil and gas wells hiding in plain sight
* Plus three exciting podcasts from the Freeing Energy team

December 2020 Clean Energy Headlines

* Solar thrives through the pandemic
* The ITC extension super-charges solar in 2021
* A breakthrough in solid-state batteries
* Plus two exciting podcasts from the Freeing Energy team

November 2020 Clean Energy Headlines

* A new report on the huge financial advantages of a US grid built around more local energy
* An update on the future of America’s biggest small-module reactor project