April Clean Energy Headlines

April clean energy headlines

Every month, we sift through hundreds of news items and research reports about clean, renewable energy to bring the best ones directly to you.

Clean energy generation tops coal during Spring 2019 – According to the US Energy Information Association (EIA), electricity generated from solar, wind and hydro will exceed electricity from coal in April and May of this year. This is based on a combination of coal plants being serviced and seasonally strong wind and sun. Nonetheless, it’s a huge milestone for clean energy (Utility Drive).

Batteries are a clean energy technology that both political parties can love. Politico’s article on the unseen side the politics of clean energy is worth reading – “An Unexpected Current That’s Remaking American Politics.” It offers a unique perspective on how both sides can and are adopting batteries and other storage technologies (Politico).

Solar is on the rise in US cities. The number of US cities with more than 50MW of solar triples in 2018, from 8 to 23 (Greentech Media).

Explosion at Arizona grid storage project. There was a fire and explosion at a grid-battery near Pheonix, Arizona. The 2 megawatt-hour storage facility is run by APS and Fluence. Investigations as to the cause are still underway (Greentech Media).

April articles from the Freeing Energy Project

The top TED talks on clean energy
Over my 20 years attending TED, there have been a handful of mind-blowing talks on clean, renewable energy. A few of the talks were so powerful, they became catalysts on my own journey into this amazing new industry (read more)

Creating the definitive list of cleantech investment firms
The Freeing Energy team is putting together the definitive list of venture capital and private equity firms investing in clean energy technologies. We need your help (read more).

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