#HeroesofFreeingEnergy: Wendy Philleo

“Our theory of change is that Americans need to know that there are solutions out there. We are telling a new energy narrative around economic prosperity, around energy freedom, around resiliency and innovation. We’re trying to tell that new energy story. “

#HeroesofFreeingEnergy: John Farrell

John Farrell Freeing Energy Hero

“We think that energy democracy means figuring out how to create the rules of a system so that people can have that decision-making power. The biggest problem about monopoly utilities is that they have too much political power to write the rules of the system in which they operate.” John Farrell of the Institute for Local Self Reliance

#HeroesofFreeingEnergy: Becca Jones-Albertus

Dr Becca Jones-Albertus SETO DOE Department of Energy

“I remember a home in Tibet where the walls were black with soot from the flame they burned for their light. The main lighting source was kerosene, which is really terrible for indoor air quality. It was powerful to think about the potential for solar and renewable energy to improve quality of life.”

#HeroesofFreeingEnergy: Deepak Divan

“I used to go and spend summers with my grandparents in a small little village in Maharashtra [India] and there was no electricity, there was no light, there was no sewage. There was nothing.

#HeroesofFreeingEnergy: Abby Hopper

“I was an EMT and then, when I went to college, I joined the rescue squad and I became a firefighter as well. After college I became a lawyer by training, so immediately prior to entering the energy industry, I was a divorce litigator.

#HeroesofFreeingEnergy: Andrew “Birchy” Birch

“I was born in the Highlands of Scotland, and I didn’t see the sun for four months…  Later, I discovered what solar was going to do to the energy industry, and saw the math.” Andrew “Birchy” Birch, Co-Founder of OpenSolar