Clean energy headlines for June 2018

Solar prices poised to take another huge plunge – China dropped a bombshell by reducing its financial support for solar deployments across the country. As the largest buyer of solar in the world, China’s reduced demand will create excess capacity in Chinese solar factories, which in turn will almost certainly plummet worldwide prices another 20-30% (Greentech Media).

May was the warmest month in history – According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), May 2018 ranks as the hottest month recorded in U.S. history, beating out the dust bowl in 1934 (NOAA and Axios).

California’s 2017 wildfires caused by power lines – In a stunning rebuke, several governmental reviews of California’s devastating wildfires pin the blame on poorly maintained power lines owned by the state’s electric utilities. Lawsuits are already stacking up and the damages could reach billions. It’s unclear how the utilities can survive if found guilty (The Press Democrat).

Residential batteries are outpacing utilities – Battery storage is taking off. For the first time, residential batteries (local energy) are beating out battery installations by utilities (Greentech Media).  

More global solar manufacturers building factories in the U.S. – The last month has seen several new U.S. solar factory announcements. Korean-owned Hanwha announced plans for a 1.6 GW module factory in Dalton GA (Greentech Media). And, LG announced plans for a 500MW module factory in Huntsville, Alabama (Greentech Media).

June Posts from the Freeing Energy Project

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Hawaii is a postcard from our electric future
(part 2 of 2)

The state of Hawaii is leading the world in local energy. They are accomplishing this by rapidly adopting residential solar and creating forward-thinking regulations (read more).



1,000 solar scientists got together in Hawaii – here’s what they’re talking about
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